Workshops & Impulse Lectures

In impulse lectures or all-day workshops, employees, managers and other company people can deal with various psychological topics of work ability. These include e.g. change management, aging, stress management, resilience and burnout prevention, communication and bullying prevention or leadership.

It is important to understand the respective concepts, to reflect them regarding one’s own position, one’s own resources or risks in order to learn applicable techniques and to ensure work ability.

At the same time, it is about promoting operational framework conditions that enable, support and maintain work ability. Executives, works councils, HR specialists, etc. can design the company as a “house of work ability”, where work ability “on all floors”: leadership, values, qualifications and bio-psycho-social health is favorably influenced.

Team Day

Most teams plan one day per year, taking time to plan the coming year, reflecting on the past year, discussing more time-consuming and potentially conflicting topics, etc. To plan such team days together with an external person who moderates this, clearly supports the success. The manager can remain in her/his role as a manager, as the consultant provides the framework. The counselor can provide neutrality in the moderation, which ensures that all participants are heard. This increases joint productivity and thus promotes the overall result and the identification of the individual.


Often there are situations in which external moderation has a relieving effect and the course or outcome of a conversation, a meeting or the like can optimize. The participants can remain in their respective roles, the framework is secured by the moderation, impartiality and neutrality and thus everyone’s participation is guaranteed. Blind spots can be recognized and named by someone outside and are therefore accessible to the participants to actively deal with them.