… is a good opportunity to get to know yourself better in order to understand yourself better, to act more consciously and to be able to deal better with tricky situations – both professionally and privately. Self-awareness helps to shape one’s own life more actively according to one’s personal wishes and needs, so that it is “entirely my life”. Self-awareness of knowing yourself as well as possible is also an important basis for avoiding confusing your own topics with those of the people you have to do with – be it your partner, your collegues, your clients.

Systemic (family) therapy

… focuses on the solution of or a better coping with suffering or problems. It supports and promotes one’s own competences. As a client, you are the “expert in yourself” – my expertise is to support you in finding the right solution for you. Respect, impartiality, interest and appreciation of your person, your goals, values and your previous life experiences are just as important to me as my fearlessness towards your attitudes, ideas, convictions and traditions.

My methods include special questioning techniques, goal clarification, (observation) tasks, placing sculptures and much more. (see recognized psychotherapy methods or systemic family therapy)

Systemic family therapy tends to be short-term therapy: it lasts as short as possible – and as long as necessary.

I work psychotherapeutically with adults from young to old in individual therapy.
If you are looking for clarification, solutions or new ways as a couple, I offer you support and guidance as part of couples therapy.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma refers to a wound or injury, physical and or psychologically/mentally, caused by an event or a series of extreme stress experiences. The sequence can e.g. be a post-traumatic stress disorder that requires qualified treatment.
Trauma therapy is a form of psychotherapy that specifically focuses on and takes these extreme experiences into account. It is important to understand yourself, your feelings, your behavior – the stressful symptoms.
You can benefit from various special techniques that help you to regulate yourself better, or by means of which the (old) injuries are well cared for (afterwards) and can even heal. For more information, see e.g. here (Austrian network for trauma therapy


… Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a standardized, much researched and recognized treatment method that significantly improves the chances of recovery for traumatized people.
The method is used successfully worldwide in the treatment of diseases resulting from traumatic experiences. EMDR is also used to strengthen one’s own resources, skills and abilities. EMDR can also help in coaching to develop new thought patterns. You can find more information e.g. here (EMDR network Austria Download Brochure)